Sigma Statistics Workbook 

These spreadsheets are Microsoft Excel 2010 worksheets.  Each spreadsheet can either be opened and run, or saved to any location on your computer or network.


Worked examples                Simulations and Interactive Spreadsheets                Data Sets                

Worked examples

4          Carbon dioxide emissions (NZ) 1990-2007.xlsx
8          Onion exports (NZ) 1989-2010.xlsx
17        Value of travellers cheques on issue (USD) 1959-2011.xlsx
20        McDonalds and Life Expectancy.xlsx
34        Class sizes vs Education Spending.xlsx
Main effects plots.xlsx
66        Interactions plots.xlsx
Winning tab.xlsx

Simulations and Interactive Spreadsheets

60        Randomisation example (Toothpaste).xlsx
170      Winning tab.xlsx
174      Binomial values simulator.xlsx
174      Poisson values simulator.xlsx
174      Normal values simulator.xlsx

Data sets

3          Friday road accidents 1986.xlsx
3          Whooping cranes migration 1938-1972.xlsx
4          Carbon dioxide emissions (NZ) 1990-2007.xlsx
4          Net migration (NZ) 1991-2011.xlsx
6          Northland student numbers.xlsx
6          Ferry boardings in Auckland 1986-2011.xlsx
Hotel nights for non-residents New Zealand 1990-2007.xlsx
10        Imported oil vs indigenous oil 1974-2011.xlsx
11        History of the Internet.xlsx
13        Weedkiller sales.xlsx
15        Road deaths in New Zealand 2007-2011.xlsx
16        Marriages and Marriage Rates (NZ) 1961-2011.xlsx
18        Maui natural gas production 1979-2011.xlsx
19        Directory assistance - monthly calls 1962-1976.xlsx
21        London underground - length and number of stations.xlsx
23        Forest land vs severe water stress.xlsx
24        Blood pressure vs body temperature (12 patients).xlsx
25        NZ Electricity Distribution Businesses - System Statistics.xlsx
27        Price and percentage of air in ice-cream.xlsx
28        Last minute accommodation prices Rotorua (Thursday and Friday).xlsx
28        USB Flash Drives.xlsx
30        Subway Fat and Energy Data.xlsx
31        Earthquake data 2005 (magnitude vs depth).xlsx
32        Beer vs wine vs Heart disease.xlsx
33        Expressways vs Railways.xlsx
34        Class sizes vs Education Spending.xlsx
35        Florida lakes - Alkalinity vs average mercury.xlsx
40        Data for Ex 6-03.xlsx
42        Data for Ex 6.04.xlsx
49        Weeds coastal and inland.xlsx
51        Data for Chapter 8.xlsx
56        Selected Penguin Data.xlsx

Cola Typing.xlsx
59        Body Building.xlsx
61        Many Means.xlsx
62        Hedge trimming.xlsx