Delta Mathematics Workbook spreadsheets

These spreadsheets are Microsoft Excel worksheets.  Each spreadsheet can either be opened and run, or saved to any location on your computer or network.

Chapter 12 - Polynomials

Page 218   Counting factors.xlsx

Chapter 14 - Limits, continuity and differentiability

Page 257   Secant approaches tangent (Answers).xlsx

Chapter 21 - Definite integration and area

Page 376   Golf green measurements.xlsx


Chapter 24 - Systems of equations

Page 424   The Abbot of Canterbury's Puzzle.xlsx

Chapter 25 - Solving a set of equations in context

Page 439   Peacekeeping aircraft options.xlsx

Appendix 3 - The exponential function and logarithms

Page 463   Euler's number.xlsx
Page 475   Catenary categories.xlsx
Page 480   Ex A3-08 (Answers).xlsx