The new Beta Mathematics (3rd Edition) has now been published.

A complete solution for Level 5 of the New Zealand Mathematics Curriculum, the book covers all of the strands:  Number and Algebra, Measurement and Geometry, and Statistics.



Click on the link below for a list of new features and the Chapter outline. 

  • About 30 extra exercises to provide more skills practice
  • Summary exercises at the end of each chapter to review the content
  • Hundreds of new questions, puzzles and investigations to provide even more variety and interest to your lessons in class
  • Thoroughly revised and updated throughout (GST, exchange rates, income tax, etc.)

In Number and Algebra, the book has new coverage of unit ratios and algebraic fractions.

Geometry and Measurement now includes perpendicular and parallel lines, and coverage of converting area units.

And finally, in Statistics, you will find new coverage of the statistical enquiry cycle (PPDAC), providing a seamless introduction to the way statistics is covered in NCEA. The emphasis is on interpretation and working with data displays.

To order inspection copies email Edify.



Beta Mathematics also has an associated Workbook for students to cover extra material in their own time. This Workbook has 177 pages of exercises, and is closely aligned with the student text.  





                    The Edify and Pearson Mathematics textbooks make up a complete seamless series for the New Zealand Mathematics Curriculum. 
                    The books include worked examples, comprehensive exercises and full answers.  Each one features investigations, puzzles
                    and spreadsheet work.

Alpha Mathematics
(Year 9)
Beta Mathematics
(Year 10)
Gamma Mathematics
NCEA Level 1
(Year 11)
Gamma Fundamentals
NCEA Level 1
(Year 11)
Theta Mathematics
NCEA Level 2
(Year 12)

Theta Dimensions
NCEA Level 2
(Year 12)

Delta Mathematics
NCEA Level 3 Mathematics
(Year 13)
Sigma Statistics
NCEA Level 3 Statistics 
(Year 13)

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