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Data sets for time series

The 2018 Census

NZ Census 2018 Dwelling form.pdf
NZ Census 2018 Guide Notes.pdf
NZ Census 2018 Individual form.pdf

The 2013 Census

NZ Census 2013 Dwelling form.pdf
NZ Census 2013 Guide Notes.pdf
NZ Census 2013 Individual form.pdf
NZ Census 2013 Online Guide.pdf


The 2011 Census 
(Note: this was cancelled due to the Christchurch Earthquake on 22 February 2011)

NZ Census 2011 Dwelling form.pdf
NZ Census 2011 Guide Notes.pdf
NZ Census 2011 Individual form.pdf


The 2006 Census

NZ Census 2006 Dwelling form.pdf
NZ Census 2006 Guide Notes.pdf
NZ Census 2006 Individual form.pdf


          The Alpha Mathematics Student Survey

          Alpha Mathematics Data Set.xls
          Alpha Mathematics Student Data Questionaire.pdf
          Alpha Mathematics Student Data Survey (Teacher notes).pdf


          The Gamma Mathematics Student Survey

          Gamma Mathematics Data Set.xls
          Gamma Mathematics Student Data Survey (Questions)
          Gamma Mathematics Student Data Survey (Teacher notes)

Data sets for time series

Beer production.xlsx
Credit card statistics.xlsx
Daily maximum temperatures in Melbourne 1981-90.xlsx
Daily sales of paperback and hardcover books over a 30 day period.xlsx
Library books issued.xlsx
Melanoma in Connecticut 1936 to 1972.xlsx
Monthly sales in Australia of red wine from January 1980 to July 1995.xlsx
Monthly traffic fatalities in Ontario, Canada 1960-74.xlsx
NZ Population male female.xlsx
NZ Tree ring data 1256-1976.xlsx
Phone call charges (NY to SFO) 1915-1996.xlsx
Primary energy supply.xlsx
Purse snatchings in Hyde Park Chicago Jan 1969 to Sept 1973.xlsx
Real daily wages in pounds in the United Kingdom from 1260 to 1994.xlsx
Southern Oscillation Index.xlsx
Victoria motel data Jan 1980 - June 1995.xlsx