Each spreadsheet can either be opened and run, or saved to any location on your computer or network.

The spreadsheets are Microsoft ExcelTM worksheets.  Note that some of the spreadsheets use formulas (for example =RANDBETWEEN(a,b)  that require the Data Analysis Toolpack, and this is an optional add-on to recent versions of ExcelTM.

You do not have to have Microsoft ExcelTM or Microsoft OfficeTM to open each worksheet.  Two other options are to use a Spreadsheet Viewer (for example Excel Viewer 2003) or if you want to use all features of the spreadsheets then obtain a free Office Suite such as OpenOffice 

The spreadsheets for Alpha Mathematics, Beta Mathematics, Gamma Mathematics, Gamma Fundamentals, Theta Mathematics, Theta Dimensions, Sigma Statistics and Delta Mathematics are also available on the Student CD which is supplied with each copy of the corresponding Workbook.


Alpha Mathematics spreadsheets

Alpha Mathematics Workbook spreadsheets

Beta Mathematics spreadsheets

Beta Mathematics Workbook spreadsheets

Gamma Mathematics spreadsheets

Gamma Mathematics Workbook spreadsheets

Gamma Fundamentals spreadsheets

Gamma Fundamentals Workbook spreadsheets

Theta Mathematics (New 4th Edition 2012) spreadsheets

Theta Mathematics Workbook (New 4th Edition 2012) spreadsheets

Theta Dimensions spreadsheets

Theta Dimensions Workbook spreadsheets

Sigma Statistics spreadsheets

Sigma Statistics Workbook spreadsheets

Delta Mathematics (3rd Edition) spreadsheets

Delta Mathematics Workbook spreadsheets