Data sets

These data sets can be used in conjunction with questions from Gamma Mathematics (NCEA Edition), Theta Mathematics (NCEA Edition) and Sigma Mathematics (3rd Edition NCEA).  

Gamma Mathematics (NCEA Edition) data sets
Gamma Mathematics
Homework Book data sets

Theta Mathematics (NCEA Edition) data sets
Theta Mathematics (NCEA Edition) Workbook data sets

Sigma Mathematics data sets
Sigma Mathematics (3rd Edition NCEA) data sets
Sigma Mathematics Workbook data sets


They are available for download as ExcelTM spreadsheets.

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Gamma Maths (NCEA Edition)
data sets:

286 Fat content and price data for ice-cream (Ex 21.01 Qn 9).xls
291 Price and water usage for dishwashers (Ex 21.02 Qn 3).xls

291 Price and percentage of air in ice-cream (Ex 21.02 Qn 4).xls
293 Height vs arm span (Ex 21.02 Qn 6).xls
293 Water and power consumption at a hotel (Ex 21.02 Qn 7).xls
297 Public transport in Wellington (Ex 21.03 Qn 4).xls
298 Time series and trend lines (Population Growth 1951 - 2001).xls
300 Arrivals from Australia Jan 1991 to Jan 2002 (Ex 21.04 Qn 1).xls
301 Monthly electricity bills (Ex 21.04 Qn 2).xls
302 International visitor arrivals by country of origin 1991 - 2002 (Ex 21.04 Qn 3).xls
303 Digital cameras - price and weight (Ex 21.05 Qn 1).xls
304 Accommodation prices in Christchurch & Queenstown (Ex 21.05 Qn 2).xls
307 Printers - initial cost and ongoing costs (NCEA 1.5 Revision).xls


Theta Mathematics NCEA Edition data sets

Christchurch Temperature data Feb 2005.xls
Motorcyclist data.xls
116 Bag Weights.xls
Oscar Winners 1928 to 2004.xls
Olive grove production.xls
Longman Mathematics Series Statistics.xls
Toyota Corolla Prices.xls

Theta Mathematics Workbook NCEA Edition data sets

Cruise ship schedules Ports of Auckland & Tauranga.xls




Sigma Maths data sets:

Crime statistics (NZ) 1880 to 1995

Jeans sales figures (UK) 1980 to 1985
Lung disease deaths (UK) 1974 to 1979
Lynx trappings (Canada) 1821 to 1934
Library books issued
Credit card statistics
Primary energy supply
Beer production
Sex of the population (NZ) 1858 to 1996
UK traffic fatalities (monthly)
NZ Tree rings
Victoria motel data 1980 to 1995
Monthly traffic fatalities in Ontario (Canada)
Monthly sales of red wine in Australia
Daily sales of paperback and hardcover books
Australian electricity production (quarterly)
Sunspot numbers (1749 to 1977)
Daily maximum temperatures in Melbourne
Southern oscillation index
Melanoma in Connecticut 1936 to 1972
Phone call charges NY to SFO (1915 to 1996)
Real daily wages in the UK 1260 to 1994
Purse snatchings in Hyde Park Chicago



Sigma Mathematics (3rd Edition NCEA):

9       Marriage and Divorce rates 1961-2003.xls
10     Lung disease deaths (
UK) 1974 to 1979.xls                                       
11     Lynx trappings (
Canada) 1821 to 1934.xls
15     Crime statistics (NZ) 1880 to 2004.xls
16     Jeans sales figures (
UK ) 1980 to 1985.xls
18     Cheese exports 1984-2004.xls
19     Kiwifruit exports 1984-2004.xls
19     Electricity Generation - New Zealand 1971-2003.xls
20     Road motor vehicles per thousand population.xls
26     UK
traffic fatalities - monthly.xls
30     Monthly Arrivals from
Australia Jan 1991 to Aug 2001.xls
33     Quarterly electricity use.xls
34     Bun run.xls
35     Swimming pool admissions 2002 to 2006.xls
36     Wool exports (NZ) 1985 to 1991.xls
37     Australian quarterly production of electricity March 1956 - Sep 1994.xls
42     Mean estimated resident population of New Zealand 1991-2004.xls
42     Wine exports 1989-2004.xls
43     Alpha-Beta-Gamma Share prices.xls
45     Hotel nights for tourists in New Zealand 1990-2003 (answer).xls
47     Violent offences 1952 - 2000.xls
48     Hotel nights - international comparisons.xls
48     Divorce - median age of husband and wife - 1991-2004.xls
49     Manatees and powerboats.xls
49     Smoking prevalence and consumption NZ 1985-2004.xls
52     NZ Tree ring data 1256-1976.xls
Victoria motel data Jan 1980 - June 1995.xls
52     Monthly traffic fatalities in
Ontario, Canada 1960-74.xls
52     Monthly sales in
Australia of red wine from January 1980 to July 1995.xls
53     Daily sales of paperback and hardcover books over a 30 day period.xls
53     Sunspot Numbers.xls
53     Daily maximum temperatures in
Melbourne 1981-90.xls
53     Southern Oscillation Index.xls
53     Melanoma in
Connecticut 1936 to 1972.xls
53     Phone call charges (NY to SFO) 1915-1996.xls
53     Real daily wages in pounds in the
United Kingdom from 1260 to 1994.xls
53     Purse snatchings in Hyde Park Chicago Jan 1969 to Sept 1973.xls
53     Library books issued.xls
53     Credit card statistics.xls
53     Primary energy supply.xls
53     Beer production.xls
53     NZ Population male female.xls  
109   NZ Census - Families (Ages of parents and children).xls  
263   Fertility rate vs contraception use.xls
263   McDonaldsTM Nutrition Information.xls
264   Currency rates NZD vs AUD & USD.xls
265   Four sets of artificial bivariate data.xls
273   Airports vs Area vs Population.xls
274   Powerboat registrations vs Manatee fatalities (Florida 1977-2004).xls
275   World Bank Life Expectancy vs Fertility Ratios.xls
276   Poverty vs Corruption.xls  
286   Sand erosion data.xls
294   Height and arm-span for 25 adults.xls
294   Video vs DVD hires.xls
295   World Metro List (length vs stations).xls
299   Nuclear plants data (Cost vs Generating capacity).xls
301   Alcohol and tobacco spending, UK.xls
302   Wine consumption and heart disease.xls
303   Leaning
Tower of Pisa.xls
304   Cigarette use vs Lung Cancer - 44
US states.xls
310   Destinations and airfares from Auckland.xls  
343   Frequency of Tropical Cyclones 1968-1989.xls
345   Earthquakes over magnitude 7 (1995-2005).xls  
419   Heartbeat Rates of Animals.xls
422   Altitude vs atmospheric pressure.xls
423   North
Island population.xls
424   Obesity table (height vs weight).xls
430   Cell-phone sales over a ten-year period.xls   



Sigma Mathematics Workbook:

Page 000    Friday road accidents 1986.xls
Page 000    Whooping cranes migration 1938-1972.xls
Page 000    Net migration (NZ) 1991-2004.xls
Page 000    Onion exports (NZ) 1989-2004.xls                            
Page 000    Directory assistance - monthly calls 1962-1976.xls
Page 000    Hotel nights for non-residents New Zealand 1990-2003.xls
Page 000    Imported oil vs indigenous oil 1974-2004.xls
Page 000    Weedkiller sales.xls
Page 000    Casualties on New Zealand roads 2003-2005.xls
Page 000    Marriages and Marriage Rates (NZ) 1961-2003.xls
Page 000    Abortion numbers (NZ) 1991-2003.xls
Page 000    NZ Gas supply 1995-2004.xls
Page 000    History of the Internet.xls
Page 000    McDonalds and Life Expectancy.xls
Page 000    London underground - length and number of stations.xls
Page 000    Forest land vs severe water stress.xls
Page 000    Blood pressure vs body temperature (12 patients).xls
Page 000    NZ Electricity Distribution Businesses - System Statistics.xls
Page 000    Price and percentage of air in ice-cream.xls
Page 000    Last minute accommodation prices Rotorua (Thursday and Friday).xls
Page 000    Subway Fat and Energy Data.xls
Page 000    Earthquake data 2005 (magnitude vs depth).xls
Page 000    Beer vs wine vs Heart disease.xls
Page 000    Expressways vs Railways.xls
Page 000    Class sizes vs Education Spending.xls
Page 000    Florida lakes - Alkalinity vs average mercury.xls
Page 000    Skating on thin ice.xls
Page 000    Dripping shirt.xls
Page 000    Carbon dioxide emissions (Worldwide) 1971-2003.xls



Page 000    Milk Cooperative Merger (Scholarship).xls
Page 000    Seed data (Scholarship).xls


NCEA Revision

Page 000    Energy production from methane at Redvale and Whitford landfills 2000-2005.xls
Page 000    Lamb exports (NZ) 1984-2004.xls
Page 000    NZ Bank notes in the hands of the public.xls
Page 000    Health statistics (World Bank, CIA Factbook).xls
Page 000    Blood pressure vs height of head.xls  


Some of the time series data sets are available courtesy of Dr Rob Hyndman, Monash University, VIC, Australia